After a tough working day of spraying back the vegetation, you mite desire to pop to the close by forge and search the crates.

You'll need to look for a town which has a central fountain. Try to find a locked chest inside the towns chapel Search the chest inside the chapel in northeast Varrock (north of your museum).

On the street to Rellekka from Camelot close to the area With all the wolf within the highway. Dig about the fern in the midst of the grass segment

The Generals reside at the conclusion of their bases. To be able to entry them, gamers must eliminate 40 in their god's followers 1st (e.g. killing 40 Bandosian followers to accessibility Normal Graardor) before they're able to enter. If they haven't got the killcount and try to enter, the doorway isn't going to open up for them.

At the perimeters of the key dungeon are camps belonging towards the followers of each god. Just about every camp consists of extra effective followers, together with the distinctive spiritual monsters (minus Saradomin spiritual npcs).

Again for the table of contents Compass Clues Compass clues, only found in elite treasure trails, exhibit an arrow pointing inside the diretion of where the casket is buried.

White firelighter (2-31) When used on the Log, you will get a coloured log. When you burn this coloured log, you can normally reach lighting it and it will turn the flames the colour in the firelighter.

Whenever a participant very first enters the dungeon, they arrive around a rope where by a large struggle is being fought towards all four gods. The god's armies imp source are Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, and Armadyl.

Be sure all of your god-related protection is provided. A blunder can more than likely get rid of you after you get inside.

The rock cakes for the south are surely more edible compared to the two rocks I buried the treasure amongst.

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Differs because of the variety of each and every clue. Search this tutorial to uncover wherever your distinct clue starts off.

Search all achievable crates and packing containers about the 3rd floor inside the room for the still left in the professor and device, north conclude of place, in Draynor Manor.

My Large guardians below the marketplace Bonuses streets will be lovers of rock and roll, if only they could get hold of it. Dig around my purple smoke! Dig beside the cauldron with purple bubbling liquid inside the Varrock sewers from the Moss giants.

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